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The Rob Mob



Mary Rob Swayze is a Certified Level 1 USA Triathlon Coach specializing in endurance and triathlon coaching. Her clients (lovingly dubbed The Rob Mob over the years) are her squad of determined, passionate, and adventurous athletes. They’re positive, competitive, and due to the nature of endurance sports… athletic misfits with grit. When it came to re-launching her coaching business, Mary decided to embrace The Rob Mob moniker.

Stylizing the “B” allowed it to resemble a “3,” a nod to the triathlon focus of swimming, cycling and running. By turning the stylized capital “B” on its side, it takes on the shape of a mask — like that of a hero, ninja or mobster. Having both a logotype and icon allows for versatility in both sizing and application, something that will allow for flexibility of branding anything from websites to wetsuits.


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